Custom Orders

Do you customize portraits on postcards? 

Yes, I do. The smallest size is challenging but black pen helps achieve different depths in the picture. Portraits will not be 100% the same as the photograph. It will look like an illustration or character design. I am still learning portraits. 

What other customization is possible? 

Clients always surprise me with their customization options. Never thought I would be able to customize wedding card, thank you cards, capture your best moments, pet portraits, etc., But you really kindle me to draw more.

Do you draw using other media?

Yes, we can. 

Can you draw on paper and in different sizes? 

Yes, we can draw on paper. As far as size is concerned, A6 is the most comfortable size. 

While A4 and A5 are comfortable for non-portrait orders. 

Can you draw digitally? 

Except for portraits any landscape or moment can be done digitally.

Email to theplainpapers@gmail.com or Send DM @theplainpaperspage with your queries. 

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